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Top 10 Ultimate Fictional Weapons

All these Action, New Movies and Horror films would be just damn right boring, without these fab characters and their awesome weapons.

They all have one thing in common they create major carnage and subsequently death to everything they get close to, but they also bring a huge amount of satisfaction to both us and the characters in the films by killing anything that is perceived as either a threat or just Evil. They are a major fantasy of anyone, who is a big fan of either Action films or even Horror. Who wouldn’t want to be the Hero on the big screen and get to the opportunity to kill loads of horrible Monsters or Villains with these cool weapons.

We have scoured the web to find you the most fabulous weapons that are used in TV and Films, we looked at everything from knives and swords, crossbows to catapults, guns and even more unusual stuff, to bring you this fab list of weapons that appear on our big screens today.
Here are our 10 favourite weapons…

Wolverine – Adamantium coated bone

From the movie X-Men, Logan starts out life as a Human with the amazing ability to heal himself, he is then subjected to horrid modifications, adding Adamantium which reinforces his skeleton. It’s a virtually indestructible metal, that will cut through anything and anyone…This coupled with his ability to heal, makes him one deadly weapon, that everyone wants !!

Scare rating 3, lethal but still ultimately Human, so will still show mercy.

Crowleys – Hellhound

Crowley commands an even bigger and nastier Hellhound than the usual ones, his can rip apart, Humans, Demons and other Hellhounds. Of course there are no pics of them, as they are invisible to us Humans. Nothing normally stops these beasts !!

Scare rating  4,
They sound nasty, they smell bad, won’t stop at anything and are extremely hard to kill.

Predators – The predator

Predators have numerous weapons from some sort of Nuclear bomb to these triangulating lasers. They are amazing Warriors and come to other planets to hunt and train, mainly on us Humans.

Scare rating 4, They look weird, are fast and lethal, but Arnie does fatally wound one and it blows itself up, so they can be killed, but not easily.

Van Helsing – Automated crossbow gun

Automated crossbow gun that Van Helsing uses to dispatch Vampires in the movie, this is an awesome, old fashioned looking weapon, that really packs a punch. Vampires are quick, cunning and deadly, the weapons used to kill them need to be quicker and deadlier.

Scare Rating 2, will kill most things…but needs a skilled hand and good aim, to have maximum effect.

Resident Evil – T-Virus

T- virus is is one of the most horrible weapons to be used in a film. It changes normally Humans basically into Zombies, that crave Human flesh and once you are bitten by one, that’s it…you become a Zombie too. What a horrid thought !!

Scare rating  4+, as this virus spreads, it infects everyone, only a handful of Humans will survive and fight or hide…but there are vaccines available, so not quite full marks.

Ivan Vanko aka “Whiplash” – Iron Man technology

“Whiplash” has developed similar technology to Iron Man in this movie and he uses it to give energy to his 2 electrified whips. These are fantastic to watch, but take a huge amount of practice, skill and upper body strength to be lethal weapons. People with martial art backgrounds or excellent fighting skills make them absolutely deadly.

Scare rating 2, looks fantastic, but very hard to control effectively, easy to hurt yourself and needs constant power, so  can be defeated if you remove the power source.

Ripley – Flame Thrower

Used by Ripley in Aliens to kill the eggs and the Aliens themselves. This is quite effective but is heavy and hard work, but is virtually the only way to defeat the Aliens, without being sprayed with acid when you kill them using other more tradition methods.Aliens are of course the ultimate killers and are very protective of their young, so watch out cos mommy’s a bi**h !!

Scare rating 2, wouldn’t like to go up against one, but not the scariest of weapons, especially against the Aliens.

Hellboy –  “Big Baby” gun

From the movie Hellboy, this bad boy gun really is fantastic, it will either kill or maim depending on what you are hunting. It is absolutely massive so would be of no use to a normal Human, as you wouldn’t easily lift it, never mind aim and shoot someone with it.

Scare rating 3, very effective in the right hands, but too much of a handful for us mere Human folk. Looks and sounds great in action though.

Supernatural – Colt

The infamous Demon killing gun from the TV hit series Supernatural, who everyone wants, including the Demons. In the hands of either Sam or Dean this is awesomely deadly, they truly enjoy killing Demons and some other creatures with this ordinary looking gun. But without the correct bullets this is virtually no use against Demons.

Scare rating 3, looks unassuming, but lethal to Demons and Humans alike, we love to see the amazing shots of Sam or Dean wielding this Colt, especially when they finally catch up with the Yellow Eyed Demon.

X-Files – Pyrokinesis

Cecil L’Ively has the ability to control fire, therefore making him the perfect weapon against Humans. He is a bit of a psycho but still deadly, but he could be easily killed if you could get close enough to him, as he is just a flesh and blood Human like you and me. Quite a clever way  to kill some one you don’t like and very hard to prove. So maybe the perfect crime ?

Scare Rating 3, because he can be killed or hurt, but a very disturbing killer none the less.Protected by Copyscape Online Plagiarism Test

Could have wrote about loads more amazing weapons, but must get on writing about electric cars and about the Best city car, which are my next subjects. Well better get to it, Demon Chick.

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