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Top 10 Flight Scenes in Movies

We all have our favourite Aviation related Movies, whether they are action ones New Movies like Top Gun, Disaster Movies where planes crash or explode or even Horror Movies like Final Destination , where death is just one step behind you…

These types of Movies all have the power to strike up fear in most of us, we all seem to have this primal fear inside us, the fear of falling. Or in the case of flying crashing or exploding in mid-air. I myself love these kinds of Films, as I always wanted to be in the Air Force, which I never got to do, but I can always dream. Or of course watch one of these Movies !!

Here are out Top 10 Flight Scenes from Movies…

Air Force One

Air Force One the 1997 Movie, starring Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman and Glen Close.

The President (Ford) Struggles to regain control of Air Force One after Russian hi-jackers take over the plane. But he has a difficult decision to make, does he give in to their demands and release their Russian General or does he stand and fight to rescue his Wife and Daughter.


Stealth the 2005 Movie, starring Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx.

Three Stealth pilots (Lucas, Biel and Foxx) are to help train the next new Stealth pilot, an Artificial Intelligence computer which developes a minds of it’s own and soon goes rogue.

These Tree pilots are the only ones who can stop it, before it initiates the next world war…

Die Hard 2

Die Hard 2:Die Harder, the 1990 Movie starring Bruce Willis and William Atherton.

John McClane (Willis) is in the wrong place, at the wrong time again. McClane battles the bad guys for a second time…As Washington DC Airport is plunged into darkness and silence after Mercenaries take control of their communications. They threaten to cause plane crashes unless their Demands are met.

Top Gun

Maverick (Cruise) is sent off to the Top Gun Naval Flying School for the best pilots, when his wingman freaks out and turns his wings in after a run in with a couple of Russian Migs.

There he struggles with the other pilots and the rumours about the death of his father, but he goes all out to be the Best of the Best.

Maverick also falls head over heels for Charlie (McGillis) a Civilian Instructor at the Flying Academy, which further complicates things for him there…

Con Air

Con Air the 1997 Movie, starring Nicholas Cage, John Cussack and John Malkovich

Cameron Poe (Cage)  a former War Hero is sentenced to 8 years in prison after he kills a man in a drunken brawl. After serving his time he is shipped back home, via a plane full of hardcore prisoners. They take over the plane in a bid to escape prison life. Will ex- Ranger Poe get home to his wife and daughter…

Flight of the Navigator

The story of a12 year old boy, who has an adventure aboard an alien spaceship. It takes him 8 years into the future,only to return him as a 12 year old, to a house that is no longer his family’s home and of course when he does find them, he hasn’t aged like they have…

A classic kids fantasy film !


Platoon the 1986 Movie, starring Willem Dafoe, Charlie Sheen and Forrest Whitaker.

The story of a man and his stuggle between the War and his Platoon, after they take part in illegal killings in a Vietnam village. His two NCO’s have very different views on the War, but which one is he going to follow?

The first casualty of War is Innocence…

Passenger 57

Passenger 57 the 1992 movie, starring Wesley Snipes

A Terrorist has evaded capture by hi-jacking a plane, but unknown to him and his crew, they have a big problem… Because John Cutter (Snipes)  a famous Security Expert and Ex-Cop is on flight 163 too !!

Final Destination

A teenager has a premonition of a terrible plane crash, just as him and his school friends are boarding a plane to France. He make such a ruckus on board the plane, that a few kids including him get booted off the plane. The plane then explodes…

Alex and his friends then find themselves dodging the FBI and playing a dangerous game with death, after cheating it, but death comes for them one by one, in the order that they should have died. They find themselves having to think of ingenious ways to try and cheat death again and again…

Snakes on a Plane

A witness against a powerful Mobster is being transported to Court to testify against him, on the red-eye flight 121.

This Mobster has devised a cunning plan to release snakes in the luggage with the intent of crashing the plane, but FBI agent Neville Flynn and some of the crew and passengers have other ideas…as they struggle to survive on a plane full of deadly snakes.

Well I’m off to the shops to buy Killzone 3 for my bro and the new Beady Eye Album, think I’m gonna try HMV first… Demon Chick xx

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