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Ten Best Fight Scenes in Movies Ever

No Movie would be complete without a good fight scene or two. Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy a good car chase where an ordinary city car seems to morph in to a formula 1 racing car and afterwards I’m obsessed with buying a Colt Cleartec like the main character! But if acted out right the fight scenes can be packed with just as much action and gives just as good an adrenaline rush as the actors beat the living daylights out of one another. Whether it’s whole armies of people fighting each other or simply one on one fisty cuffs, we just can’t get enough of it.


Maybe it’s a fantasy of ours to be able to beat someone up like that or just simply the thought of being able to hold your own in a fight situation. Most of us are so suppressed in our lives and work, it’s no wonder we are reaching for these kind of movies to fulfill our fantasies. Maybe if we had the bottle like some of these characters, we wouldn’t be such pushovers and we would stand up for ourselves a lot more.Most of us are just so sedate that we would let other people wipe their feet, as they walk over us. Basically the typical doormat.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

These movies are pure escapism and not to be acted out in real life, or you could end up in real trouble, either with the Police or by getting your lights punched out, especially if you are a bit of a wimp.Take Fight Club, they pick fights with strangers just for the fun of it, not really advisable as you’ll end up either in the nick or in hospital. So I wouldn’t advise anyone to try these fight moves, but I do think it’s a good idea to try some form of self defence, as you never know what kind of situation you could find yourself in these days.

Here are my Top 10 favourite fight scenes from movies…


Emotion is illegal in this film, so therefore loads of things like music, books poems etc are not allowed and must be destroyed. People are given drugs to suppress feelings. But all hell breaks loose when Preston (Bale) doesn’t take his drugs and begins feeling again. He is out to bring down the corrupt Government and anyone else who gets in his way.

Preston (Bale) unleashing carnage on Brandt and DuPont

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0-OrChdntw

The Dark Knight

The Joker (Ledger) terrorises Gotham City, while pushing Lieutenant Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent to their limits with his masterminded plans. Batman helps them to put a stop to his reign of terror, but at what price?

The Joker crashing the Penthouse party

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79HJj9PewU8&feature=related

The Matrix

Neo (Reeves) a computer hacker discovers the true reality of life, it is all a computer generated mirage, while in true reality they are prisons used to power Machines. Neo joins forces with the rebels, as they take on the agents created by the machines. He also discovers that he is the one, the prophecy, the one that will lead them to victory.

Lobby Scene

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX8Y5-BZLaM


Blade (Snipes) is a Vampire, but no ordinary Vampire, he is a Daywalker. His aim in life is to extinguish all Vampires in revenge for killing his mother and turning him into one of them. He battles it out with Deacon Frost (Dorff) but Frost has a plan for Blade, he has cracked the centuries old code to raise La Magra (The Blood God)but Frost needs Blades blood to complete the ritual.

Blood Bath Party

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yN_NwSXRTs&feature=related

Casino Royale

Bond (Craig) becomes a 007 Agents by carrying out his two kills for MI6. His first mission from M (Dench) is to stop Le Chiffre winning a high stakes Poker game, therefore making him a target to the terrorist he owes millions to. They will then protect him in exchange for information on these terrorists, but will the plan work? and ultimately who is gonna pay the price if things go wrong?

Bond’s first kill

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvr6uRvESvM

Harry potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Another Harry Potter amazing sequel where he battles it out with Voldemort again, this time he joins forces with the Order of the Pheonix, who help him try and defeat the evil master wizard, but how many will die in the battles that follow ?

The Order battle Voldemort

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlbZZrhJWYk

Fight Club

The story of an Office Worker and a Soap Salesman who develop a new way of unleashing their anger and male aggression, by starting an underground “Fight Club” but it soon spirals out of control.

Gaining Corporate sponsorship

You Tube Video: http://www.flixster.com/movie/fightclubvideos/bestscenefightclub-10814580

Tomb Raider

Lara Croft (Jolie) is a female Indiana Jones, an adventurer that loves to collect ancient artifacts, but so do Treasure hunters too and all heel breaks loose when they are searching for the same one.

Lara in Garage fight scene

You Tube Video: http://movieclips.com/E9AMlaracrofttombraidermoviegaragefight/

The Crow

Eric Draven (LEE) returns from the dead to seek revenge for his and his fiances brutal murders.A crow leads him through the land of the living, as he picks off each one of the thugs responsible.

Shooting scene

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bi8obKLsc9A

Mr & Mrs Smith

Husband (Pitt) and Wife(Jolie) are the happiest couple imaginable on the surface, but this soon changes when they discover each other are Secret agents for opposing agencies and they have been instructed to kill each other. But will they do it or will they defy their orders to save each other?

Love hate fight scene

You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ktkf9IYU7E

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