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Movies With Russian Mafia

Though not as prominent as their Italian-American counterparts, Russian or FSU mobsters have appeared in a number of Hollywood movies usually as villains or antagonists. These include:

10. We Own the Night

The film is set in Brooklyn, New York from November 1988 through early April 1989. Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) is the manager of a successful El Caribe nightclub in Brighton Beach that is frequented by Russian gangster and drug lord Vadim Nezhinski (Alex Veadov).

Bobby has distanced himself from his police chief father Burt Grusinsky (Robert Duvall) and his police captain brother Joseph Grusinsky (Mark Wahlberg), preferring to remain on the sidelines and enjoy a hedonistic life with his girlfriend Amada (Eva Mendes). When police forces led by Joseph make a raid on Bobby’s nightclub, hoping to net Vadim, Bobby refuses to cooperate. The incident strains his relationship with his father and brother even more, to the point that he and Joseph exchange blows.

9. Police Story 4: First Strike

Police Story 4: First Strike, released in English-speaking markets as Jackie Chan’s First Strike, is a 1996 action-adventure film made in the typical humorous style of Jackie Chan.Jackie reprises his role as Chan Ka-Kui (also known in some versions as Jackie) yet again as a Hong Kong cop who works with Interpol to track down and arrest an illegal weapons dealer. Later Jackie realizes that things are not as simple as they appear and soon find himself a pawn of an organisation posing as Russian intelligence.The movie was shot partially inBrisbane in Queensland, Australia, where the last half of the movie is based. Chinatown, Brisbane in Fortitude Valley and Underwater World on the Sunshine Coast were used. The movie was shot in the months between August and November 1996.

8.  In Hell

Kyle LeBlanc(Van Damme) is an American working overseas in Russia. When he hears his wife being attacked over the phone, Kyle rushes home to find that he’s too late. The man who killed his wife is found not guilty on lack of evidence. So Kyle takes the law into his own hands, and kills the man to avenge his wife’s death. He is sentenced to life in prison without parole. The Russian prison he is sent to is tough, and the warden amuses himself by putting on fights where he fills his pockets with money by betting on the fights. Kyle begins to break and go crazy, so he is forced into these fights because the warden knows he is a sure thing. Kyle’s cellmate 451 begins to make him think of what he is fighting for. With that, Kyle knows now he must fight another battle: the fight for inner peace. It is the only way he can become the man he once was.

7. Bad Boys II

Eight years after the events of the first film, Detective Mike Lowrey and Detective Marcus Burnett are investigating the flow of ecstasy into Miami. Their intel and surveillance of boats coming in from Cuba leads them to a KKK meeting/drug drop in a swamp, Mike accidentally shoots Marcus in the buttocks which leads Marcus to further question if he still wants to partner with Mike.

Meanwhile, a neurotic Cuban kingpin named Johnny Tapia (Jordi Molla), who supplies Miami’s drug traffic, wonders why his boats are picked up by the cops and tells his men to change the schedules once again. Two members of the Russian Mob, Alexei and Josef, receive drugs from Tapia to run their nightclub businesses, but end up giving nearly half of their profits to Tapia. Alexei and Josef go to negotiate with Tapia to recoup some of their profits, but this ends in Josef’s murder by Tapia’s men and Alexei’s forced surrender of his Russian nightclubs after his wife and son are threatened by Tapia.

6. Be Cool

Chili Palmer (John Travolta) helps Edie Athens (Uma Thurman), the widow of an executed friend, Tommy Athens (James Woods), to resurrect a record company using the talents of young and talented female vocalist and songwriter, Linda Moon (Christina Milian). The plot is complicated by several facts:

  • A loan-shark subplot from Get Shorty of “who owns who”, Chili makes deals and owns all the players as a “producer”.
  • The Russian Mafia are trying to kill Chili because he witnessed the execution of Athens.
  • Chili takes Moon despite her contractual obligations to Nick Carr and Raji.
  • Athens’ record company owes money to a gangster-type producer, Sin LaSalle (Cedric the Entertainer).

5. The Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints is a 1999 crime thriller film written and directed by Troy Duffy. The film stars Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus as Catholic Irish American fraternal twins, Conner and Murphy MacManus, who become vigilantes after killing two members of the Russian Mafia in self-defense. After a “message from God”, the brothers, together with their friend David Della Rocco, set out to rid their home city of Boston, Massachusetts of crime and evil; all the while being pursued by Special Agent Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe).

4. The Jackal

A joint mission of the American FBI and the Russian MVD leads to the death of the younger brother of a Russian mobster. In retaliation, the mobster hires an enigmatic assassin known only by the pseudonym “The Jackal” (Bruce Willis) to carry out the killing of an unknown-to-the-viewer target. Meanwhile, the Russian MVD capture one of the mobster’s henchman. On interrogation he reveals information about the Jackal. This coupled with the documents recovered from the henchman’s briefcase lead the FBI and MVD to assume the target for the retaliatory hit is FBI Director Donald Brown.

3. RocknRolla

Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson) is a crime boss who calls the shots in London’s underworld and real estate market. We learn all about Lenny from Archy (Mark Strong)—his second in command—who serves as the film’s narrator. When a wealthy Russian real estate tycoon and organized crime figure by the name of Yuri Omovich (Karel Roden) looks to Lenny for help on a major new deal, Lenny is eager to assist (for a very large fee, of course). Yuri agrees to pay, and as a show of faith, he insists that Lenny borrow his “lucky” painting.

2. GoldenEye

In 1986, MI6 agents 007 (James Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan) and 006 (Alec Trevelyan, played by Sean Bean), infiltrate an illicit Soviet chemical weapons facility at ArkhangelskColonel Arkady Ourumov (Gottfried John), but Bond steals an airplane and escapes from the facility as it explodes. and plant explosive charges. Trevelyan is apparently captured and shot dead by

Nine years later (1995), Bond arrives in Monte Carlo to follow Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen), a suspected member of the Janus crime syndicate, who has formed a suspicious relationship with a Canadian Navy admiral. She murders the admiral to allow Ourumov (now a General) to steal his identity. The next day, they steal a prototype French Tiger helicopter that can withstand an electromagnetic pulse, despite Bond’s efforts to stop them. They fly it to a bunker in Severnaya, where they massacre the staff and steal the control disk for the dual GoldenEye satellite weapons. The two program one of the GoldenEye satellites to destroy the complex with an electromagnetic pulse, and escape with traitorous programmer Boris Grishenko (Alan Cumming). The pulse also destroys three Russian MiG-29 aircraft dispatched to check on the facility; causing one to crash into the complex, utterly devastating it. Natalya Simonova (Izabella Scorupco), the lone survivor, contacts Grishenko and arranges to meet him in St. Petersburg, where he betrays her to Janus.

1. Lord Of War


Lord of War is a 2005 political crime thriller written and directed by Andrew Niccol which stars Nicolas Cage. It was released in the United States on September 16, 2005, with the DVD following on January 17, 2006 and the Blu-ray Disc on July 27, 2006. Cage plays an illegal arms dealer with similarities to Russian arms dealers Viktor Bout and Leonid Minin. The film was officially endorsed by the human rights group Amnesty International for highlighting the trafficking of weapons by the international arms industry.

Honorable Mention:

Eastern Promises

25th Hour

Training Day

Red Heat

The Dark Knight.

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