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How To Survive A Ghost Attack on A Spaceship

When the term ‘ghost’ gets a mention, I don’t know if I’m alone here but the words ‘Casper’ and ‘friendly’ seem to come to mind along with visions of Patrick Swayze in his hey day. At first mention,I just don’t associate ghosts the same way as I do other obviously spine-chilling suspects like zombies, vampires and aliens. Maybe it’s because they aren’t usually visually terrifying (obviously the pesky devils are invisible or transparent and so don’t have the demented ‘I’m gonna hurt you’ look down). Add to this the fact that they can’t carry pain inflicting murder weapons like killer fangs, razor sharp claws and rusty old chainsaws to leave us trembling. But, with films like Paranormal Activity 1 and 2 now being scarily convincing that ghosts could in fact exist among us, this got me thinking…

How exactly would I escape a menacing ghost attack? I have seen enough vampire movies of late to be an expert at every which way you could potentially take down one of those Buffy style but ghosts remain a bit of a mystery. I’m also sure I wouldn’t make a good Ghost Whisperer so that’s not an option. But then I thought, that’s too easy! Plenty of horror films over the years have been about ghosts terrorising someone in their own house or a spooky haunted mansion (think Amityville Horror, The Others, The Haunting).

So I’m pretty sure I have some knowledge stored deep in my subconscious that would kick in and keep me alive in this situation. But I  want to be sure that I could survive it in a different/totally awesome scenario! Let’s face it, after Snakes on a Plane, I don’t think plotting how to survive a ghost attack on a spaceship, perhaps virgin galactic should seem too crazy! After all, Samuel L Jackson taught us to expect the unexpected!

So here’s my guide on how to survive a ghost attack on a spaceship;

Ghost Avoidance

1. Make sure that no people have ever died on that particular spaceship. This would be a sure fire sign of ghosts!

2. Carry a magic eye, holy charm or relic with you on board.

3. Smudge your spaceship! Burning together a bundle of pine needles and sage leaves is believed to ward off evil from your home or in this case, your spaceship.

4. NEVER use a Ouiji board under any circumstances

Let’s just refrain from tempting fate!

Ghost Protection

1. Get your hands on some salt, create a circle of it and stand inside. Salt has been known to repel evil spirits. Whatever you do just head for the spaceship’s kitchen as tossing rice, split peas, mint and garlic are also believed to work a treat!

2. Pray!!! No really, praying along with asking your guardian angel for protection, is believed to ward off any evil ghostly ghouls.

3. Carry a weapon, preferably a knife

You may wonder what good a knife is against a ghost but they can put you in all kinds of pickles like tying you to a chair with their ghostly powers so it’s always best to be prepared to escape such situations!

4. Seen as you’re on a spaceship, maybe you can actually get hold of a Proton Pack and be like that lot in Ghostbusters!

If all else fails….

1. Be nice to the ghost whilst trying  to get it to resolve any unfinished business so it can then move towards the light.

Jade thought about this post when on a virgin atlantic flight to the U.S, she was reading about a ghost that haunted an airline.


  1. Also good for keeping a space clear is nag champa incense, Holy spiritual symbols, natural crystals,l and bringing in tons of joy

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